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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 14, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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this is in san jose. coming up in minutes, janine de la vega will tell us why firefighters suspect homeless people may have started this fire. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." it's wednesday january 14th. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's chilly. last days favored the north and today it's the valley fog. wrapping back in towards fairfield, pleasant hill, martinez. if you get that fog, it will be a cold pattern. stuck in that fog. it will retreat but it's going to keep some of these high temperatures in the 50s. other areas will get the benefit of that east wind and that means temperatures will be mild to warm, especially bayside and coast. 38 livermore. a little east breeze there. fairfield, 39. 30s for napa, novato, also
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mountain view and redwood city. oakland airport is 32. danville, san ramon, antioch, 30s. low 40s in there as well. that's the east breeze at fairfield. it comes right back over the delta and concord showing a northwest. they had an east for a while. but that east breeze means the systems coming in have no chance. high pressure will keep the fog in the valley. that will play into our weather the next few days. starting off 30s, 40s. we'll end up with 50s and 60s on the highs. okay. mr. castanedo, we start in the south bay and had other issues in the east bay. now what? we're going back to the south bay. we'll start with 280 in san jose. i want to show you a picture of downtown san jose on 280 northbound as you drive through. you can see it's getting busier as you drive up to the highway 17 interchange. it continues to be that way, continues to be busy all the way into the west valley, not quite as bad as yesterday,
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though, but it is bad. in fact, i want to show you some of the maps here of the south bay. you can see 280, the corresponding red, stop-and-go traffic that we saw. 85 and 101. yesterday it was worst. you are going to be in a lot of bumper-to-bumper traffic. we're looking at 580 which is slow. some earlier issues. 680 out of pleasanton heading south of the fremont area is slowing down. bay bridge toll plaza, you can see traffic is backed up. it's moderate. it's about a 15, 20-minute drive into san francisco. 7:03. back to the desk. >> all right. thank you, sal. crews have knocked down a three-alarm fire at an abandoned warehouse in downtown san jose. now comes the work to figure out the cause. janine de la vega is live at the scene with the dangers facing investigators and also some new information from fire
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crews. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. it's a much calmer scene here now since the fire is out. a lot of the crews have left. but there's still a battalion chief as well as a pg&e crew because they turned all of the power off so it wouldn't be a hazard situation. they are still here. firefighters are worried about the structural integrity of this commercial warehouse. the roof did collapsance they are concerned -- collapse and they are concerned about a further collapse and they don't want firefighters to get injured. this fire started just before 4:00 a.m. at an abandoned warehouse near coleman and julian in downtown san jose. when firefighters pulled up to the scene, flames were shooting from the roof. there was a power pole on fire. soon after, a transformer exploded and then the roof collapsed. the fire quickly grew to three alarms. firefighters fought this from the outside because it was too dangerous to enter it. it took them an hour and ten minutes to knock it down. we were told that this building has been vacant for about 20 years. it is possible that homeless
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people were squatting inside. >> the fact it was an interior fire, clearly something started it. you are talking about an abandoned warehouse that doesn't have power running to it. no one is doing any operation. that tends us to think that someone made access. we'll have to temperature whether it was accidental or what o-- we'll have to determine whether it was accidental or what occurred. >> reporter: this was a -- this is a picture that shows a rolling door that should have been shut. it's halfway up. that's a clue for firefighters that somebody may have been inside. homeless people told firefighters they saw two people running away from the building prior to the fire starting. a fire investigator will be out here later again to determine if it's even safe to go inside because, again, they are worried about how safe that structure is.
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back to you. two stabbings in san francisco. the first in north beach, the second at the west portal muni station. brian flores is out there now. you have details on the investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. i spoke with police recently who say they continue to look for the -- at least two attackers who stabbed people earlier this morning in the city. we are at the west portal muni station this morning. the scene has been cleared for some time. as the camera pans around. that's the general location where this latest stabbing incident took place. police looking for those responsible for the attacks. san francisco police say the first stabbing happened at about 2:55 this morning on the 500 block of francisco street. police say two men were fighting when one of the men pulled out a knife and stabbed other person in the head. a third person came into try to break up the fight. that person was also stabbed in the back by that same man. both of the victims were taken to a nearby hospital with non-
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life-threatening injuries according to police. there is currently no suspect description. and this was the scene before 4:00 this morning near the west portal muni station. police say there were four people on the muni bus when one man said something to another passenger on the bus and then just stab him. police say the victim didn't nope at first that he had been stabbed in the leg. police say he was taken to sf general, also with non-life- threatening injuries. he's expected to be okay. pg&e is talking to witnesses and will be looking at camera footage on the bus for any possible lead. both scenes are clear. muni has said there's been no delay to service. police say both incidents don't appear to be related. >> back to you. thank you. 7:07. this is a wild story. the san jose fire department now warning its fire crews after one of the firefighters stumbled into a hidden booby-
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trap. fire crews were putting out a fire on communications hill on sunday when the firefighters stepped into the booby-trap. four sharp sticks were planted in the ground. fortunately, the firefighter was not hurt thanks to his protective boots. >> i don't recall this being identified before. that's why we put this information out there just as a -- basically a safety alert to our own people to keep an eye out. if we see more of these, we have an issue. >> we did talk to a homeless advocate when who suspects the trap was made by a military veteran trying to protect his belongings. he says the military soldiers made those during the vietnam war. muni says it has no choice and has to allow controversial bus board that compare islam to nazi. the ads show a palestinian leader and adolph hitler.
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a group paid for the ads after the paris terror attacks. >> we feel that this message is critical in light of what happened in paris, four jewish people at a kosher jewish market because they were jewish. >> we have to abide by the first amendment which protects freedom of speech. >> the san francisco municipal transportation agency says it could be sued if it does not allow the billboards which will run for one month. there is another protest planned at a b.a.r.t. station for this coming friday morning. it could mean big drays for riders. this one is -- delays for riders. this one is scheduled for machine street station. it's part of an effort to get charges dismissed against the people arrested in november during a protest against the ferguson grand jury decision. during that protest, people chained themselves to trains at the west oakland station and
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caused major delays. b.a.r.t. says it starts peaceful demonstrations but warns that b.a.r.t. police will be on hand to ensure public safety. contra costa county supervisors voted to repeal their own pay raise because of very intense public pressure. last year, the supervisors gave themselves a 33% pay hike after going without a raise since 2006. their pay would have jumped from 97,000 a year to 129,000. county employees were outraged. they led a signature-gathering campaign 0 to put that issue on the ballot. that prompted the change of heart. two bay area technology giants have offered a new financial settlement over claims that several silicon valley companies agreed not to hire each other's workers. apple and google, not giving details yet of how much they will pay employees who sued. and the settlement, still has
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to be approved by a federal judge. other companies accused in this alleged conspiracy are adobe and intel. tests confirm that three dead bobcats found around the uc santa cruz campus had rat poison in their systems. the first bobcat died at the school in september. the second and third bobcats were hit and killed by cars. scientists say the poison in their bodies weakened them to the point that they could not avoid the vehicles. it's unknown where the poison came from or if it was deliberately used to kill the bobcats. an active ingredient in the poison was banned for public sale in california last year. >> all right. 7:11. people attacked, robbed of their cell phones. this is happening in broadway light. we'll tell you about frightening robberies happening in downtown san francisco and how the police say you should protect yourself. a warning about a strain of bird flu that could affect northern california poultry.
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the steps that experts are warning certain people should take. we're looking at a commute that is not as bad as yesterday but still has slow spots, including the approach to the richmond bridge heading west into marin. you will see a little bit of slowing as you come up on the toll plaza. clear for many. colder. it's the east bay fog that shows itself. but otherwise, it will be sunny and warm. we'll show you how warm. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. but sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday. through sunday choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models including the new tempur-choice, with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows and free same-day delivery. are you next? but hurry! sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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police don't suspect foul play behind the deaths of two people. police were called to a parking lot at grand and lake avenue. that's right across the street from the grand lake theater. the bodies of a man and a woman were found in a homeless camp
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right beneath interstate 580. at this point, there's no word on how they died. if you are a backyard chicken owner, there is a warning. a strain of bird flu may affect poultry in northern california. now, this flu strain known as h 5 nh has been found in butte and yolo counties, the virus is traced to north asia spreading from bird to bird. animal experts are warning chicken experts here because this time of the year, northern california is part of the migration of birds an those birds, they are often attracted to backyard habitats set up for chickens. >> want to encourage backyard owners to use the utmost caution and prevent their birds from interacting with water foul which appear to be the carriers. >> there are steps that could help keep chickens from becoming sick. the experts suggest draining
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pond and use netting or wire nesh mesh -- or wire mesh. new details of a reported plot to kill house speaker john boehner. according to federal agents, ohio bartender michael hoyt plotted to poison boehner by putting something in his drink e was recently fired from his job as a bartender at boehner's country club. police say when they questioned hoyt, he said he was jesus christ and also said boehner had been mean to him. the fbi said he's in custody because he poses a current and ongoing threat to boehner. he's being examined at a psychiatric hospital. the two climbers scaring dawn wall at yosemite's el capitan are hoping to make it to the top tonight. kevin jorgensen of santa rosa and tommy caldwell of colorado are attempting to be the first to climb the half-mile rock
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face with their hands own feet only. and they are only using safety ropes. they have a support team with them delivering supplies like food, water, and a little whiskey for medicinal purpose. it helps take the edge off a tough day. >> eases the pain, too. >> yes. 7:16. if you are an oakland raider fan, there are reports that east bay native and broncos' defensive coordinator jack del regrow has signed -- del rio has signed an offer sheet to be the coach for the raiders. to complicate this more, atam gase just had -- adam gase just had his second interview to be the 49ers coach. he was an assistant with the team back in 2008. the golden state's warriors are just ridiculous. they still have the best record
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in the nba. they were on fire last night. do it right. just like that. >> boom! >> won their 7th straight game last night. they beat the utah jazz, 116- 105. steph curry kept hitting delete- pointers. he led the team with 27 points, 11 assists. the warriors play the miami heat tonight at oracle arena. that will be interesting. speaking of basketball, but a different kind, the harlem globetrotters can dribble a basketball anywhere nearly. we saw it earlier. they can even dribble a ball up the most crooked street in the world. ♪ >> they practiced their ball handling on lombard leading the team with tammy bronner. she's an oakland native and the 10th woman to play.
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they have games in santa rosa and then san jose and oakland. >> i loved them. >> they were so nice. hey, sal, i bet they can dribble across the san mateo bridge. >> no, they can't. first of all, it's illegal. second of call, it's going too far. too many cars. there was a stall vehicle on westbound 92 up near -- it's near the high rise. it was blocking one of the lanes. someone actually tried to push that car off with little or no success. now the bridge crew is on the way out there. but the traffic on the bridge is a little bit slow because of it. there's also westbound at the bum tar on bridge. they are clearing an injury accident from near the toll plaza. westbound, so the bridge, all of a sudden, we have a lot of slow traffic. let's take a look at the bay bridge. you can see here at the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic is moderate, about a 25-minute drive into san francisco.
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where else 580, 680 one of the worst commutes in the bay area. we have 680 slow right out of the bat -- right out of the gate. southbound 680 as you drive past su know grade. it gets better. 880 is no joke. it's backed up from 238 down to fremont. 7:19. let's go to steve. okay, sal. fog is the big issue mainly for the east bay. it's been moving around. today it's focusing its energy out towards parts of eastern solano, contra costa county. yesterday it was over the bay from the bay bridge about alameda oakland south. not today. and there is a little bit of an easterly breeze which will make for a beautiful day on the coast. but around highway 4 also out to oakley, brentwood, concord, martinez, pleasant hill, benicia, that seems to be the focus so far. if you are stuck in that, that's a cold, cold fog. morning fog, sunny. the week ahead looks dry here.
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in fcket, it looks dry for a while unless we get rain. itnot look like it will be much. but it might make it to santa rosa north. although, i would be surprised if it makes anything south of that. last rain was christmas eve, december 4th. there is a possibility for this weekend. it looks weak and north. so the rainfall data for san francisco. we're just focusing on san francisco. january is usually the wettest month. january, february. 4.5 inches of rain is average. so far this january, steer row. not a drop. a little mist yesterday. but that can't click the gauge. 2014 was the triest ever at .06. and 2014 only .49. that's a three-year trend that's ugly. you can see the fog advisories. 30s an 40s. 38 livermore. 30s for napa, novato, santa rosa, walnut creek. redwood city, mountain view. 43 half moon bay.
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for some, 34, menlo park, palo alto and woodside at 35 with upper 30s. san mateo and foster city. we've lost most of the breeze. there is an easterly breeze from travis. that send the fog over the delta, benicia and san pablo bay and a northerly breeze at the napa airport. this system has no chance. it's running into the wall of high pressure. 17 in tahoe. a foggy and cold 39 degrees. the fog will be in the valley. the footprint has set up. sunny and mild unless you are in the fog and then upper 50s for some. mid-60s for others. fog driven on the temperatures which would be antioch, presentwood, oakley. 66 downtown oakland. alameda, 65. 67 gilroy to santa cruz, 67. san jose at 64. 65 half moon bay. redwood city and close for menlo park, mountain view and palo alto. night and morning fog. we'll see some clouds roll in
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friday and saturday. again, rainline looks to be santa rosa north and that does not look to be most. >> i think tori will accept that. >> we don't have any choice. after all of that rain in december, we needed a break. but -- >> too long of a break. 7:-- 7:23. a local community college in the national spotlight. why tom hanks says he owes everything to chabot college. it's an area that has not been opened to the public for a hundred years. up next, a push to make one of northern california's hidden treasures open to everybody.
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there is a new push to preserve a hidden treasure on the coastline. a group wants 6,000 ache -- acres of redwood forest to be
7:26 am
named a national monument. a group is behind this push. now, this former dairyland near davenport has opinion off limits to the public for listen a hundred years. giving the land that status is the santa cruz redwood's national monument, that would open the gate to everybody. >> hikers, bird watchers, photographers, equestions -- equestrians. no mineral extracting, hunting, fishing. >> we like people to come to the north coast. je want to to be a good -- we want it to be a good environment for everybody. >> 7:26. the perks of being beautiful. a korean restaurant in china is giving free food to its 50 most
7:27 am
beautiful customers each day. the china news website took photos of the restaurant which has a neon sign that reads, free meal for good looking. contestants are photographed and evaluated by local plastic surgeons paying the restaurant for this promotion, by the way. contestants are judged by their facial appearance and the sizes of their nose and mouth and judges favor people are protruding forehead. this promotion is stirring quite a bit of debate on chatrooms. one person asked do ugly people have to pay twice? never thought that your forehead. 7:27. big brother, expanding, the latest bay area city to green light a controversial crime- fighting tool. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco where police say they've seen a spike in cell phone robberies and they are getting more brazen. we'll tell you when thieves are most likely to strike.
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fog for. not for all. if you are in the fog, mainly the east bay, it could be a tough day to warm up. for others, it will be sunny and warm.
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it is 7:30 and you are looking live at san francisco's financial district where police
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say there is a disturbing trend of vicious cell phone thefts. not just a grab and run but victims are being punched, vicked and robbed and in broad daylight. tara moriarty is looking into the recent attacks. coming up in minutes, what police say you can do to protect yourself. one common step that could really make a difference. >> good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. we're also talking about your weather and traffic. it's nippy outside. >> it's a little chilly. >> it's cold, fog too. this time it's favoring the east pay. 30s. we'll end up with sunny, mild to warm weather on the coast. but that fog, mainly around eastern solano, contra costa county, highway 4, oakley, brentwood, benicia, concord, maybe where you are, pleasant hill, martinez. it can be very, very foggy. it will retreat back to the valley and probably pop up again tomorrow morning. but in the fog, 30s and 40s. without it maybe colder than that. santa rosa says 34.
7:32 am
37 redwood city, mountain view at 38. 42 oakland airport. 41 capitola, upper 30s for saratoga. morgan hill and gilroy. sunnyvale says 38 degrees. easterly breeze at 10 at fairfield. that's sending a lot of that fog back from the valley over towards parts of the east bay. high pressure says i don't think so. there might be a system dragging across clouds. light rain to the north. wouldn't be until saturday. until then, sunny and beautiful by the coast. patchy fog inland means upper 50s for some. 60s. maybe a few uppers for others. sal? we're gonna start in the east bay. i just noticed that the fog today is not as prevalent as it was yesterday just by look the at my traffic cameras. there are a lot of cameras that i can see. yesterday, there were a lot of cameras off limits because of the thick fog. on the eastshore freeway, 3-
7:33 am
minute drive time between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. you will see a lot of slowing in richmond and el cerrito. moving along to the bay bridge toll plaza, it will take you about 30, 35 minutes if you are just in the regular cash lanes to get across into san francisco. no major problems on the bridge. san mateo and dumbarton bridge have not been decent alternates we've had slow traffic there. 580 is getting better through the livermore valley but 680 is still slow. as we push down to the nimitz freeway, we had a couple of earlier accidents on 880. those are gone. but southbound traffic coming out of san leandro is slow all the way down into the southern part of fremont. 7:33. back to the desk. thank you. san francisco police are busy investigating several violent cell phone robberies this week. ktvu's tara moriarty joining us live. you are in the financial district now where people and their phones have been targeted. good morning, tara. >> reporter: well, good morning. yeah. they catch you offguard. that's because if you think about it, you are looking at your phone and not paying
7:34 am
attention to your surroundings. we're here in the financial district where there have been brazen robberies over the past week. we noticed a lot of folks this morning whauking, crossing the street, looking at their -- walking, crossing the street, looking at their cell phones. this isen area where most people feel safe because it's crowded and there are upscale offices. but police say the thieves are violent. they've punched, kicked, even choked their victims for the phones. >> i leave my phone in my bag all of the time. >> reporter: so far you haven't had any problems? >> no, i haven't. i don't have it out. it's not anywhere to be scene. just too dangerous. >> reporter: one woman was roshed at 10:00 a.m. at california and davis. four similar robberies happened on monday. so far, no one was been arrested. live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, back to you. >> thank you.
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7:34. police in richmond increasing patrols after a shooting that left one man dead and two others injured. this happened at the crescent park apartment complex on fleming avenue about 7:30 last night. police were patrolling the area and say they heard several shots. when they got to the scene, they found one man dead and two others critically injured. investigators have been on this working it through the night but so far, there's no bord about a possible motive or suspects. 7:35. new developments, just moments ago after the paris terror attacks. france is gonna send and aircraft carrier to the middle east for an operation against the islamic state group in iraq. also a top leader of yemen's al qaeda branch says in a video his group ordered planned and funded the attack on the newspaper. he said it was revenge for the repeated publication of car
7:36 am
toorns depicting the prophet muhammad. in paris, people lined up to buy the latest issue of the magazine, anticipating high demand. the nunn printed million copies instead of the usual 60,000. . there are reports they sold out before breakfast. the newspaper is printing million more copies. in the first issue after the attack, the cover featured the prophet muhammad shedding a tear and holding a sign that -- that says je suis or i am charlie. the survivors said they will not give into terrorists. >> applaud their determination to continue publishing and i am in awe of their consistency of tone and consistency of
7:37 am
approach to subject matter. this is what they do. >> freedom is great but it doesn't exist in the abtract. you have to balance that with some responsibility is this gonna bra due tusly -- gra due to usually inflame people. 7:37. a san mateo county city says its police officers can now use license plate readers. more and more bay area cities are using this controversial technology. alex savidge live this morning in san carlos to tell us where the system is set up and how it will be used. >> reporter: good morning. two automated license plate leaders will be put to use by the san carlos police department soon. one of them will be installed on a patrol car. the other will be here at a fixed location near the britain avenue onramp to 101. many businesses in this area, they've seen a spike in robberies.
7:38 am
that's why they chose this spot. on monday night, the city council gave the green light for the plate readers which will collect information and store it to up to a year. all of that data can be invaluable. critics worry about privacy and the possible surveillance of innocent people. but they say the information will not be misused. it's stored at a secured location. the northern regional intelligence center and can only be used for legitimate law enforcement purpose. there was one councilmember here in san car loets who opposed the -- san carlos who opposed the technology saying they were - heading down a slippery slope of surveillance and suggested security cameras in order to deter crime. the readers will be used for a six-month test period and then after that, the city will re- evaluate the program. >> thank you, alex. 7:38.
7:39 am
ikea is recalling nearly 170,000 crib mattresses. consumer products safety commission says there's a gap between the mattress and the side of the crib and babies could become tranned. in fact, it's happened. none of the babies were hurt. the mattresses were sold in u.s. stores and online from august 2010 to may 2014. if you have one, check the mattress to make sure there's not a gap larger than the width of two fingers on the side. if so, you can get a full refund from ikea. traps that may have been set intentionally. the dangerous discovery made at a homeless camp in the south bay. a dangerous trend involving teenagers and over the counter drugs hits close to home. what set some students to the emergency room. we're looking at traffic that's a little better but still slow in some area us. 237 slows down from just before
7:40 am
880 and continues to slow into sunnyvale. sunny for most but that fog towards the east bay could make for a tough, cool day. some of those temperatures will be in the upper 50s. others, though, coming upper 60s. we'll show you where. this... is the best part of the day. when we sit down together and talk. more and more, we're having conversations about the food itself: how good it is for us. how good it is for the planet. at monsanto, we're working with farmers to make balanced meals accessible to everyone. while using natural resources more efficiently. it's time for a bigger discussion about food. be part of the conversation at
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7:42. an ammonia leak aboard the international spats station is forcing the -- space station is forcing the evacuation of the american crew. they had to move from their side of the space station to the russian side. there are reports that the harmful chemicals were released from the cooling system.
7:43 am
nasa says the situation is under control. three morgan hill 8th graders are expected to fully recover after overdoes on an over the counter drug. the girls are students at britain middle school. school officials say they took corocidin used to treat coughs, colds and congestion. some teens call it triple-c. the usual dose is one tablet but the girls apparently took 12. they started to show symptoms including elevated heart rates and were taken to the emergency room. a pharmacist says just because the drugs are sold without a prescription does not make them safe. >> can actually cause safe. it causes the central nervous system to shut down, qilt breathing -- quit breathing. >> youtube videos show teens taking the medicine and producing hallucinogenic highs. the school is sending out letters and they are working on a video to warn about the dangers taking the cough medicine for fun. president obama is getting
7:44 am
a big name endorsement for his free community college plan. pam cook is in the studio with the famous person, living proof that giving kids a hand with their education works. >> tom hanks stepping up with an amazing story that many kid and adult can relate to. the well-known and very successful actor tells his story of success that may never have happened if he wasn't offered a free start to his college education. he talks about graduating from skyline high school in hoekd as and underachieving student with lousy s.a.t. scores. he was not planning getting into any great universities or even halfway decent, even though he applied. hanks sent his final application to chabot, a community college that we know here in hayward. he says for thousands of commuting students, chabot was our columbia, annapolis, offering any course they
7:45 am
needed. and he says that the student -- the chabot college offers courses that all of them needed to take, any course he could imagine and tom hanks's comments come on the heels of president obama's announcement of the proposal to make the first two years of community college free for everyone will document work for it. the states would provide a quarter of the funding. the rest covered by the federal government. in our next hour of "mornings on 2," i'm gonna tell you some of the specific courses that tom hanks took that said were invaluable in his career that are usually not offered at other schools behide community -- besides community colleges. >> wow. >> very interesting. we want to check in with sal who is keeping a close eye on the commute for us. pretty busy for a wednesday, sal? >> it's busy. not as bad as yesterday. there is a little bright spot. right now we're doing okay on 280 northbound. a little slow as you get up to
7:46 am
highway 17. remember that disaster of a commute. i'm exaggerating a little bit. but yesterday it was not great on 280, 101 and 8 a. people were tweeting me saying what's going on. if you go to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see a backup of 20, 25 minutes to cross the span into san francisco. let's take a look at the east bay commute where traffic is going to be a little bit slow on 880 as it usually is and 580 and 680. the only difference, today is a little better but 680 is very slow right from the stoneridge area all the way down to highway 84. at 7:46. the weather seems like a repeat of yesterday. >> it is on the temperatures except for the fog. yesterday it favored the bay bridge, alameda south, peninsula and south bay. today it's the east bay. we're settling into a pattern that shows the valley fog retreating and coming right back in the morning.
7:47 am
bayside, on the coast looks nice. most reports have been coming around eastern solano, benicia very foggy. thank you, mike for that. also concord, highway 4 out to oakley, very foggy conditions are reported. other quite, if you don't have the fog, it's just clear and cold. you can see some of that fog coming right back in. fairfield has an easterly breeze. we still get the component of an east wind which is nice for the bay and the coast. with that fog, it can make it very cold. morning fog, then sunny. it looks like a dry week here, maybe in the weekend, there could be light rain saturday about santa rosa north but i doubt much happens. the last rain was christmas eve. we continue the stretch of dry, dry, dry, dry. if we do not get much and i don't think there will be anything in san francisco, oakland or concord south. if it makes it north, it looks very weak. probably sometime on saturday. maybe ukiah up to lake county. that would be about it. normal rainfall for san francisco we'll foe just focus
7:48 am
on san francisco. january, 4.5. so far this january, zero. not a drop. last january, .06 was the driest january ever in 2013, only .49. that's a very dry trend. if we do not get rain this weekend, there's no sign of anything through about the 30th. 30s on the temps. remain optimistic. january, not looking good. it looks like it did last year. 30s on many of these temps. 34 up in santa rosa. courtney on facebook sent me a nice message that said, it's cold here but it is clear. well, it is. 30s including petaluma, sewasty sebastopol. winder. the east wind, vacaville, fairfield senting some of that fog in the east bay. otherwise the systems have no chance. high pressure has parked it over us. the systems have come down into nevada and scoot. the four corners. 31 up in ukiah.
7:49 am
17 up in tahoe. 23 in reno. if you can get through the fog layer, you have a lot of sunshine. if not, it can be a cold, foggy gray day. sunny and mild for most. patchy fog. what makes it in there will burn back. upper 50s for some. yet mid 60s for others. 64 kentfield. 64 novato. also to the east bay, upper 50s, brentwood, oakley, antioch, low 60s, concord, downtown oakland, 66. 67 santa cruz. looks great. gilroy as well. same for saratoga, los gatos and 65. daly city, 63. sunny, nice. we do have not much change. clouds will roll in. if there's any rain it will be north. >> for the holiday, a lot of people might be looking to get away to go up to the snow. not much snow up in tahoe. >> no. >> in fact, it's been decreasing. >> wow. okay. one would expect. thank you.
7:50 am
7:49. an angry letter from a surviver of the sinking of the titanic goes up for action in boston. lady lucy duff gordon and her husband escaped the tragedy aboard the first lifeboat off the sinking ship. it carried only 12 people even though it had room for 40. after the sinking, tabloids ran stories accusing the couple of bribing the crew to row away faster instead of trying to rescue other passengers. in the letter to a friend, duff gordon describes the couple's treatment on the return to england as disgraceful and a teacup is also part of the auction. beautiful piece of china there. great shape. did you hear about a plot to poison john boehner? coming up in 20 minutes, the bartender here who has been arrested who often came in contact with the speaker of the house. >> that's all speculative. that's above my pay grade. i leave that in your hands. >> oh, really?
7:51 am
gavin newsom respond to reports that he plans to run for governor in 2018. and why he says he took himself out of the running for a u.s. senate seat.
7:52 am
7:53 am
good morning. we have new video to show you of a major section of the air air shaw plane, the -- airasia plane, the one that crashed in the sea. these are black and white images of the fuselage here one of the plane's wings still attached to the main body of the plane. this discovery is raising hopes that many more victims will be found and recovered. divers will search the fuselage tomorrow. if they run into problems, they may bring into cranes to lift what they found out of the water. back here at home, the chp confirming caution bells and crossing arms did not activate last friday before a deadly train crash in gilroy.
7:54 am
a union pacific railroad maintenance vehicle rolling on the tracks hit a pickup truck, killed the driver. 54-year-old donald williams. now, a man who was out walking his dogs in the area noticed the crossing arms weren't coming down when that maintenance vehicle crossed the intersection. >> i looked and i said, those gate arms aren't down. i said somebody is gonna get killed there. and sure enough somebody got killed there. >> now, according to the gilroy dispatch, it's a common occurrence for crossing arms not to work when railroad maintenance vehicles pass by. in a statement, union pacific expresses sympathy for the victim's ville. the railroad spokesman went on to say "safety is a main priority. this incident is being determined to figure out what led to this accident and
7:55 am
identify possible remedies." a battle is expected on capitol hill over president obama's immigration policies. house republicans are set to vote to overturn the president's executive action that provides temporary deportation relief to 4 million immigrants in the country illegally. they've attached the immigration legislation to a bill to finance the department of homeland security through the rest of the budget year. democrats say republicans are holding funding for the homeland security agency hostage in the wake of the paris terror attacks. lieutenant-governor gavin newsom said it was easy for him to decide not to run for the u.s. senate seat. barbara boxer is vacating that seat next year. we qaupt up with newsom. he was there to swear in the new mayor. >> newsom had been mentioned as a possible candidate. he made it clear this week he was not interested. >> i have three kids under the age of 6. a 5-year-old, 3-year-
7:56 am
old, 1-year-old. i couldn't look them honestly in the face and say this is the best thing for them or my family. >> as we told you yesterday morning, california attorney general kamala harris has formally launched her campaign. newsom said he's a big fan knowing they've been friend for many years. newsom has his sights running for governor in 2018? he called that speculation. the arrest of hundred of people two years ago by oakland police may now cost the city more than a million dollars. two years ago police rounded up hundred of occupy he oakland protesters outside of the ymca. 400 were arrested. federal magistrate tentatively approved a 1.3 million settlement for those claimed they were unfairly dedaved and arrested -- detained and arrested. the lawsuit claims they were not given a dispersal order before taken into custody. two separate stashings in san francisco. one of them on a muni bus.
7:57 am
up next, brian flores will have more on where police stand in their investigation. firefighters battle a huge warehouse fire in downtown san jose. we'll tell you what firefighters say may have started this. we're looking at conditions that are better than they were yesterday. things are beginning to even out on the road as we look at 280. that looks much better getting into san jose. sunny for most, but there's some fog, where? 0 toward of the east bay. otherwise, it will be a sunny and warm day for many, coast and bayside. female announcer: during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. but hurry! this special financing offer ends martin luther king jr. day. don't miss the year end clearance
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7:59 am
welcome back. these are live pictures of san jose. this was the scene of what was a huge early-morning fire at this abandoned warehouse in san jose. it's been abandoned for almost 20 years. it was a huge fire. this is at san pedro and bassett streets. janine de la vega has been out there since 4:30 this morning. coming up in two minutes, she will tell us why firefighters think maybe homeless people were involved in this somehow. stay tuned. good morning. thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2." wednesday, january 14th. i'm dave clark. i'm tori campbell.
8:00 am
a quick look at weather and traffic. steve joins us, once again. and basically, more of the same in the weather, i guess. >> pretty much. a system on the weekend but it doesn't look much. everything after that says high pressure. the six to ten-day outlook has above-average temps for us. the rain could be record setting if we don't get anything by the weekend. fog is the big story out in the valley. some of that has worked its way back to benicia. i know parts maybe around vallejo but i know martinez, also into concord, and pleasant hill, oakley, brentwood, highway 4. that seems to be the focus where the fog is. it will retreat but as it does, it keeps temperatures on the cool side just by the mere fact it sticks around for a while. otherwise, clear skies. south bay, peninsula, if there's rog it's not reported yet. 30s and 40s. a lot more 30s than we had the last couple of mornings blackhawk upper 30s, danville,
8:01 am
morago, la fayette, antioch. if you don't have the fog, you still have the east wind and it brings in a cold breeze from the valley. east at 10 for fairfield. that brings in the fog. the system is moving toward northern california. only hope would be on saturday if that dips farther enough south but i will tell you, i'm not hang my hat on that. the fog, you can hang your hat on that. 50s for a few but a lot of 60s on these highs, especially coast and bay looks to be in the mid-60s. here's sal with an update on traffic. you are on the phone, i caught you. yes, i am. unfortunately, bad news. i just got off the phone with bart dispatcher there is reportedly a person under a train at the b.a.r.t. platform at powell street in the eastbound direction. this person is under a train. firefighters are trying to rescue that person now and trains are stopped at powell street station. this is causing major delays at
8:02 am
b.a.r.t. we're just getting this information. i got -- i'm listening to more of this on my radios here. san francisco fire department effecting a rescue at powell street station for a person under a train. just about to do this traffic report. our newsroom is working on more information. major delays on b.a.r.t. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound traffic is going to be okay. no problems getting into san francisco. about a 20-minute delay into the city. this is a look at 880. it's pea twinning to get slow northbound as you drive up to the oakland coliseum. if you are driving on 580 in the livermore area, it's getting better for you. no problems in the south bay but 101 is having another bad day getting up into sunnyvale. back to the desk. all right. while we're getting new information on a three-alarm warehouse fire in downtown san jose, janine de la vega has been following developments all morning. janine joins us live to explain why crews think squatters may
8:03 am
have caused this fire. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. firefighterles tell me that this abandoned commercial warehouse behind me was slated to be demolished this week. you can't tell from this angle but the roof collapsed and there is a lot of burnt rubble inside. arson investigator is on his way to determine a cause. but fire officials think people may have been squatting inside. fire started just before 4:00 a.m. inside the warehouse on bassett street, an industrial area downtown near coleman and julian. firefighters arrived and found flames shooting from the roof. a transformer exploded. informs immediately went into -- firefighters immediately went into defensive mode. it was too dangerous to fight it inside. they attacked the flames from the outside. it took them an hour and ten minutes to knock it down. they say the building has been vary didn't for the past 20 years or so. but they think home let's people may have been living there. we spoke to one homeless man who said he has slept in that building before. >> i guess they were getting
8:04 am
ready to gem mow the place -- demo the place. police came in five, six days ago and told everybody to get out. at that time, there was like four, five people. it's cold. what do you expect, you know? >> reporter: here is a picture given to us by san jose fire that shows a rollup door on the building that should have been shut. it's halfway up. that's how access may have gained. once an investigator comes here and determines whether the building is safe to enter, he will look for the origin of the fire and start determining a cause for them. tori? >> live for us in san jose, thank you. >> 8:0 4. new this morning, san francisco police busy searching for the men responsible for two separate stashings early this morning in the city. the first was in north beach, the second was at the west portal muni station. brian flores joining us now. you have the very latest on the
8:05 am
investigation. what do you know now? >> reporter: i do dave, good morning to you. i spoke with police recently who say they continue to look for the attackers, two separate stabbings. we are live here at the west portal muni station. this is the scene. the scene has been cleared. but police looking for those responsible in the stabbing. want to go to the scene near the muni station. police say there are four people on the 9 muni bus when one man said something to another passenger on the bus. that's according to police. it's unclear what was said but one man stabbed that male passenger. police say the victim didn't even know at first that he had been stabbed in the leg. the driver eventually stopped so that person could get medical attention. police say the victim was taken to,f general with non-life- threatening injuries. the police continuing to talk to witness. they say they will be looking at surveillance camera footage on the bus for any possible lead on who the attacker is.
8:06 am
>> i never had a situation on the muni, especially in this area, so it's sad that something like that happen. i hope the person is okay. >> reporter: also this morning, san francisco police say there was a double stabbing at about:55 this morning -- 2:55 this morning in the north beach area. two men were fighting when one of the men pulled out a knife and stabbed the other person in the head. a third person came in to try to break up the fight. that person was also stabbed in the back by that same person. both victims were take on a local hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. there's no suspect description at this time. again, both scenes have been cleared. muni said there's opinion no delay to service. police say both stabbings do not appear to be related. dave, back to you. >> okay. brian flores in san francisco. thank you. 8:06. the san jose fire department is issuing a warning to fire crews after a firefighter stumbled into a hidden booby-trap.
8:07 am
it happened last sunday on communications hill in south san jose. the fire department gave us a photo of the crew trapped at an abandoned homeless camp. ast least four sharp sticks were planted in a hole. a firefighter who stepped in the trap on sunday was not hurt thanks to his protective boots. >> i don't recall this being identified before. that's why we put this information out there, just as -- just as a safety alert. if we see more of these, then we have an issue. >> we spoke with the homeless advocate who suspects the trap was made by a veteran to protect his belongings. contra costa county supervisors have voted to repeal their own pay raise following public pressure. last year, the supervisors gave themselves the 33% pay hike after going without a
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
freedom of speech. >> the san francisco municipal transportation agency says it could be sued if it does not allow the billboards which will run for a month. another protest planned at a b.a.r.t. station this friday morning could mean big delays for riders. this one is scheduled for the montgomery street station in san francisco. it's part of an effort to get charges dismissed against the people arrested back in november during a protejury -- against the ferguson grand jury decision. during that protest people chained themselves to trains at the west oakland station and caused major delays. b.a.r.t. says it supports peaceful demonstrations but warns that b.a.r.t. police will be on hand to ensure public safety. we also want to mention right now there is a big problem on b.a.r.t. at the powell street station in san francisco because of a medical emergency. sal will have more on that.
8:11 am
there's been a rash of cell phone thefts in san francisco. coming up at 7:30, we'll tell you the neighborhood where people are being targeted in broad daylight. you can launch a kick starter crowd funding campaign for almost anything. the unusual art project that a los angeles woman is asking people to finance. we have major delays on the b.a.r.t. system because of a problem at the powell street station. we want to let you know there are major delays expected on all trains in and out of the city. we'll dealt you more about that -- tell you more about that coming up. also have fog but mainly confined to the east bay. other areas are clear and cold. it will be sunny and warm for many.
8:12 am
8:13 am
an ohio bartender has been indicted for threatening to kill house speaker john boehner. michael hoyt according to agents plotted to kill boehner by putting something in his drink. he was recently fired at the country club that boehner went to. investigators say when they questioned hoey, he said he was jesus christ and also said boehner was mean to him. the fbi says hoit is in custody because he poses a current and ongoing threat to boehner. he's being held at a hospital for mental evaluationant treatment. ticket mastert is offering refund for two bill cosby shows scheduled in denver this saturday. more than 3,000 tickets have been sold so far but protesters are planning to demonstrate against the comedian who is accused of sexual assault by more than 15 women.
8:14 am
concert promoters say they have a moral obligation to allow the shows to take place because cosby has not been charged with a crime. 8:14. a southern california artist is taking a very unique and permanent approach to her latest project. 22-year-old ilma gore, right here, she will tattoo herself with other people's nails and designs -- names and designs. according to her kick starter page, $108 will get your name tattooed on her body. $25 buy us space for your name and your friend's name. now, miss gore, almost 6 feet tall said she has a lot of space and she will tattoo people's names any place that isn't already inked. >> it's -- you know, it's odd. it will annoy people, make them happy, make them smile. >> she hopes to raise $6,000 by february 8th. she says it will take about 60
8:15 am
hours for the work to be complete. her only rule, she will not tattoo any names or word that are offensive. they are here. the british royals are on twitter. the account at kensington royal was launched this morning the it describes itself as an account for updates, photos and videos about princes william, harry and kate middleton. the account is not expected to post anything too personal but there is a chance some tweets could be done by one of the royals themselves. >> gonna get right on that. google is launching what it calls the biggest update in its translate app. the new conversation feature can immediately translate audio in 38 languages and it recognizes seven written languages so users you would just point a known camera at a sign or a menu and the translation automatically appears. google hopes to expand the number of languages in the knee
8:16 am
future. it does not need wi-fi. google bought the translate app last may. pretty cool idea. let's turn to sal. we have breaking news. this effects anybody riding b.a.r.t. what's happening? >> a person is under a train in san francisco according to a b.a.r.t. dispatcher at the powell street station. fell, jump or was pushed. not sure. but we know they are trying to get him out. the fire department is there. trains have come to a halt. i got a tweet from someone who said his train has not departed for 25 minutes sitting there on the train. this is at the powell street station. major delays to all of the trains on the system. systemwide delays again because of this medical emergency at the powell street station. firefighters are there. and you should give yourself, you know, maybe another way to get to work today perhaps if you are in san francisco. you can go to muni or if you have to, it if you have that
8:17 am
important meeting you want to think about taking the car. this is one of those things where you have to judge it for yourself. but there will be major delays. the b.a.r.t. spokeswoman just tweeted just now, no word yet on condition of person under train at powell or circumstances surrounding ins-- incident. this occurred on track 2, the reverse commute. that's from alicia trost who just tweeted that. we have a reporter on the way. let's go to the live pictures. the bay bridge westbound as you come into the city about a 20, 25-minute delay getting into the city. westbound 580 traffic -- i'm sorry, northbound 880 traffic is okay getting through. there's a darr that is stalled on -- car that is stalled on muni tracks at california and montgomery. they are calling for a tow truck but the california powell street -- i'm sorry, the california cable car is temporarily blocked right now by a car that's stuck on those tracks there.
8:18 am
california at montgomery in the financial district. now, let's go to steve for today's forecast. >> thank you, sir. a very good morning. want to thank pamela. she said look how foggy it is right here. i don't know where here is. she immediately responded with, i almost another -- forget. i'm in oakley. that's great information. that's what we've heard all morning lock, very foggy, highway 4, brentwood. benicia, a couple of photos from there. martinez, concord. it will lift. it's the valley fog. that's it. concord, benicia, highway 4, fairfield has had an easterly breeze. that brings the nothing right back. it will retreat. but we'll see it return late tonight and tomorrow morning. we may be setting up where it's not in the north bay peninsula oral south bay. it's not on the coast. we could sure use some rain. but things were so good in december and then all of a sudden, we turn the tap off in january. very similar to what we had
8:19 am
last january. it's eerily similar. it looks week on the weekend. the is. coming in. santa rosa north looks to be about the cutoff for any rain. south of that, i don't think so. we'll focus on the rainfall data for january. january can be usually climatology tell us very wet with an average of 4.5 inches of rain. so far in 2015, steer row, not a drop. if we don't get rain this weekend, there's no sign of anything else coming in. maybe weak little system. but nothing that case rain. some of the extended outlooks have a big ridge of high pressure as we head to the latter half of the month. there's never been a dry january in 166 years of recordkeeping in san francisco. in 2013, under .50. .49. .06. zero, i think you get the idea. the trend is not our friend there. that's for sure. patchy fog to the east. clear and cold. it will be sunny and mild with a light breeze.
8:20 am
in' eight offshore breeze. the wind is going from east to west. that will be beneficial. oakland airport is 39. they are colder this morning. menlo park, palo alto, woodside. foster city was along with san mateo. now we're starting to see the 40s. east wind at napa at 14. fairfield is north. concord is north. that's an offshore breeze. north wind can be nice for some. cold and foggy for others. this system is absolutely falling apart. we'll have to wait for another one to come in late friday into saturday. i do it does much. system coming out of four corners may have some. 17 in tahoe. sacramento, 39. clearlake 36. there's the fog. it's in the valley. once it sets up, it's tough to budge that unless you get a front coming in or something of that nature. sunny and mild. upper 50s. mid-60s. clearlake, 65. novato 64. 59 brentwood, antioch, oakley.
8:21 am
66 downtown oakland. berkeley, 65. 67 gilroy to mid-60s san jose. saratoga, los gatos cupertino. what you see is what you get. we'll get some cloud. >> we always get the teaser at some point during the winter. very mild weather. it will get cold and hopefully stormy again. [laughter] >> especially in light of our next story. a muslim cleric in saudi arabia is telling people to stop building snowmen. it's been snowing in parts of saudi arabia and some people have been snapping photos of themselves mr. building snowmen and snow camels. that's what they would do there. the cleric says islamic teachings prohibit cre doing this for anything that has a
8:22 am
soul. >> interesting. >> there you go. you know who tom hanks is? >> yes. >> he says he owes everything to community college. coming up in 17 minutes, how he says an east bay community college changed his life. but first, helping bay area middle schoolers see the highly acclaimed new movie selma for free. after the break in 22 minutes ymca president chuck collins will be here to talk about how you did get involved.
8:23 am
for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier.
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8:25 am
there is a person stuck under a b.a.r.t. train in san francisco. i want to show you the map. this is at the powell street station. that station is closed. a lot of people are just stuck on the system. the system is not moving. people have been stuck on trains for a half-hour. some people have been going back to their original destination. i got a treat from someone who said she's going back to her and gonna drive in because of this. some trains are moving through on some of the -- some of them, for example, if you are taking a train to the airport, i saw a tweet that that train is moving through. but we really don't know. b.a.r.t. is releasing little information right now except to say there are major delays. 8:26.
8:26 am
back to the desk. >> thank you. the two very brave climbers who are scaling the dawn wall at yoes's el capitan -- at yosemite's el capitan hope to make it to the top tonight. kevin jorgensen and tommy caldwell are trying to be first to climb it using just their hand and face. they are only using safety ropes to protect them from a fallle they got a support team with them driving supplies like food, water and a little which isdy for medicinal purpose. it takes the edge off and helps them through the day. there's reports that jack del rio has signed an offer sheet to be the next head coach of the oakland raiders. he was interviewed yesterday for the second time. he's also said toob a candidate for the broncos' -- said to be a candidate for the broncos' head coaching job, along with gase and adam gase just had his
8:27 am
second interview to be the 49ers' new head coach. he was an offensive assistant with the 49ers back in 2008. your time, 8:27 a city on the peninsula approves using license plate readers. after the break, the renewed debate over this controversial police technology and the concerns one city councilmember has about a slippery slope. plus, a rash of violent robberies in downtown san francisco. what the police are saying you should to do to keep from becoming a victim.
8:28 am
introducing the new subway "simple 6 menu". it starts with six of our best six-inch subs- now in made-just-for-you meals- for just $6 every day. you've really got it made. ♪ take your pick from six of our best subs, like the italian b.m.t, tender turkey breast, sweet onion chicken teriyaki and more. with a 21-ounce drink and a bag of chips the new simple 6 menu is value made simple, every day. you so got it made. subway!
8:29 am
good morning. we're following breaking news for you in san francisco. there are major b.a.r.t. delays right now because of an
8:30 am
emergency at the powell street b.a.r.t. station. ktvu crews are getting all of the details for you. someone is trapped beneath a b.a.r.t. train at the powell street b.a.r.t. station. everything is stopped. coming up in minutes, sal will have all of the latest on these major b.a.r.t. delays and a lot of people are affected by it. we'll also bridge -- bring you a live report from the scene. so stay tuned. thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2." wednesday, january 14th. i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. steve paulson is here bringing you all of the details. >> not many details but fog and cold but the fog has been out to the east. for some it's very thick. i've had reports in oakland. i just heard from heidi moss who is very loyal on facebook. said it's clear in antioch. it depend. it dances around. it can work its way around. it's been working its way from the valley back to eastern solano and contra costa county. it will lift, burn off.
8:31 am
but patchy fog. sunny and mild with a light easterly breeze. starting to bounce off many of the morning lows. had more 30s than we had the last couple of mornings. still mid-30s but higher elevations, la honda, 36. 30s force men low park, palo alto, woodside. i know foster city dipped there. north wind, east wind, 10, 14. north wind at concord. there is still a component of an offshore breeze. anything coming in front-wise has no chance. sunny and mild unless you are in the fog. if you are, that's a cold pattern. fortunate the coast and bay, mid-60s. a lot of upper 50s. here's sal with the update on the b.a.r.t. station. >> we're getting word that this b.a.r.t. station has turned into a fatality according to the -- to the fire department. that person did not survive. powell street station is closed along the b.a.r.t. line. some trains are running
8:32 am
through. there's limited service into san francisco. but there is major delays -- there are major delays on the b.a.r.t. system after a person was trapped underneath a train. tara moriarty is on the scene along with brian flores, who will be at another station, because this is causing big delays throughout the system and could be that way for a while. let's move to other things. we'll go to -- actually, if you are -- where are we going? i think i lost track. we're going to the bay bridge toll plaza. sorry about that. i kind of lost track wherer was going. westbound bay bridge, moderately heavy coming into san francisco. no major problems in the city. 880 getting slow, as it normally does. major delays on b.a.r.t. if you are planning on using b.a.r.t., at this point, i wouldn't. it's so uncertain. find another way to get around until this situation is resolved we'll have a live report coming up soon. let's go back to the desk. >> we'll talk to you shortly.
8:33 am
a peninsula police department now has the okay to use those license plate readers. a lot of people like them. a lot of people hate them. alex savidge live in san carlos this morning where the controversial system will soon be in use. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning to you. there has been a lot of debate about this technology and now the san carlos police department will soon be using two automated license plate readers. one of them will be installed on a patrol car. the other one at the britain avenue onramp to highway 101. businesses in the area have seen a spike in robberies in recent years. that's why they chose this spot. on monday night, the city council gave the green light for the play readers which collect information and store it for up to a year. police say the data can be i val you a on and when they are -- invaluable when they are investigating people and investigating crimes. critics worry about privacy. but the san carlos police chief said that information will not be misused.
8:34 am
it's stored at a secure location, which is the northern california regional intelligence center and can only be used for legitimate law enforcement purposes. there was one councilmember who on esed the use of this technology. he warned about san carlos heading down what he calls a slippery slope of surveillance. he suggested that businesss simply install security cameras in order to deter crime. no those new readers will be used for a six-month test period here in the city and then at that time, city leaders will reconvene and evaluate how well the program is working. we're following breaking news in san francisco right now. emergency crews responding to reports someone trapped under a b.a.r.t. train at the powell street station. ktvu's tara moriarty is right there. what do you know? >> reporter: we're receiving reports that the person who trapped underneath that
8:35 am
b.a.r.t. train has, in fact, died. the medical examiner is on its way. joining me live right now is the battalion chief mike thompson with the san francisco fire department to tell us what's going on the i under it's a pretty big train. have you taken it apart? >> i don't know how long the train is. it could be 9, 10, something like that. we isolated the location of the person and separated the trains right there and now we're basically making sure both trains are deflrgize -- de- energized. we have b.a.r.t. representatives and electricians are coming down to make sure everything is safe. >> reporter: so everybody expecting to take the eastbound train have been rerouted here? >> everyone was taken off the train. the entire train is down below. one of the first things we did was detrain everybody. >> reporter: to you have -- do
8:36 am
you have any idea when -- >> it depend on the electricians and engineers get here. i would say at least an hour. >> reporter: do we have any idea how this person got underneath the train? >> i don't know -- i that will come up through -- that will come up through witness interviews. we just got there and the person was already there. i didn't have any indications of what caused this. >> reporter: we have no indication as to whether this was a pesh who fell on the track, jumped on the track. wouldn't won't know that information until the investigation is complete. if you need to take b.a.r.t. headed in the eastbound direction, under that you will have major delays. live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, back to you. >> we'll follow this breaking news story. san francisco police are warning you be aware of your surroundings after several people were physically attacked. their cell phones were stolen over the past couple of days the there were four attacks on monday. a man was punched in the case
8:37 am
at a cable star stop on market by two men who stole his phone and ran away. and a woman getting off a muni bus south of market was grabbed from behind and choked. yesterday morning a woman was robbed at california and davis streets in the financial district. we talked with her friend. >> it's scary. it makes you think that you are not safe anywhere. in a place like financial district when there's tons of people around, you just think it's okay. you can kind of get let your guard down. the truth is you can't. >> now, fortunately, none of the victim was seriously hurt. so far, no arrests have been made. president obama's plan for free college is getting an unofficial big name spokesperson. pam cook is in the studio with the story of success that may never have happened with a bay area community college. good morning. >> good morning. tom hanks is stepping into the conversation with his very personal story of how he would not be where he is today without a college education
8:38 am
that he could afford. in an opt-ed piece in the new york times, the well-known, successful actor talks about graduating from skyline high school in oakland as an underachieving student with lousy s.a.t. scores. he applied but did not expect to get into a four-year college or university. he didn't. if he did, he had no idea how he would pay for it. hanks sent his final application to chabot community college in hey -- hayward and said the courses there are practical and they have rippled through his professional pond. he says "we could get our general education requirements out of the way a chabot, credits we could transfer to a university which made those two years an invaluable head start" a head start that president obama wants everyone to states. the president says if all states participate, 9 million students will benefit by getting two years for free, saving 4,000 in tuition per year.
8:39 am
the hope is that the program will also help bridge the skills ban in the -- gap. nearly 5 million jobs are open. analysts say that's because they are not enough applicants who have the right technical, and job ready skills to do the work that companies need. under the president's plan, states would provide a quarter of the funding. the rest would be covered by the federal government. >> thank you. 20 minutes before 9:00, a disturbing nationwide trend involving teenagers and over- the-counter drugs hits close to home. in 21 minutes, the incident that sent three bay area middle schoolers to the e.r. and how the school responded. but first, a terrorist group now claiming responsibility for that deadly shooting rampage at the charlie hebdo newspaper in france and how people in paris are rallying behind that controversial paper today. you just heard the news that the powell street station is clessed because of a person
8:40 am
-- cloerbsed closed because of a person hit and killed. people may be driving into the city and this could change the outlook of your commute in the car getting into san francisco. we'll tell you more about what's expected to happen -- coming up. expect for fog, mainly out towards eastern solano and contra costa county. it will be sun nip, -- sunny, mild and warm, we'll have the temperatures coming up. female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. don't miss sleep train's year end clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." the movie selma, one of the most talked about movies of the year is a story of dr. martin luther king's junior historic role in leading the march in selma, alabama. i grew up in that period. that movement led to the passage of the voting rights act of 1965 which prohibited racial discrimination in voting. there is a push now to raise money for all bay area middle school kids to see this movie for free. joining meek now in the studio -- me in the studio is ymca president chuck collins. i'm glad to see you here to talk about how we're gonna get the middle school kid there. tell me, they are the focus. why are they the focus and why do you want them to see this movie? >> middle school kid are at one of the most impressionable times in their lives.
8:44 am
it's when they can begin to form the bigger content about things that are happening. they can begin to grasp the big story. selma offers an opportunity for young people to under the importance of this piece of history and how it connects to who we are today and a country. >> i think of young kid who don't know who dr. martin luther king was and what happened in selma, the protest and everything. and when you think about how seeing this movie could change their lives, what do you think? >> well, i think education is important. without an educated mind, the child does not really develop her or his highest potential. this movie addresses the african-american contribution to the unfolding of america as a democracy. the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments were only partial until the civil rights acts of
8:45 am
'64 and '65 were enacted that made that possible that people could actually vote. what's important about this movie is the connection that dr. martin luther king makes, you know, to the unfolding of democracy, if you don't have a voice at the ballot, if you can't vote, you can't determine -- >> you want to raise enough money throughout the bay area so every kid get in there and see this movie. how do you want to raise that money? >> well, the money is being raised by many people from a broad spectrum. civic leaders, corporate leaders, people in the tech sectors. private philanthropists, individuals. so there is a coalition of the willing, a coalition of people that understand the particular importance and the great opportunity and so through charles bard, who is one of the leaders of yerba buena center for the arts, charles is
8:46 am
reaching out broadly and has a broad reach -- >> he got me, i'm glad he did. >> to raise what we hope to be over $150,000 to enable 15,000 kids from the bay area to see this movie. >> and you have a date you want to raise that money by. >> the program starts today. kid can show up at theaters today and dru martin luther king day. they will be able to see the movie for free. it's a cooperation of paramount studios and through the jen rotsty of many -- generosity of many donors. charles has really prout everybody to the helm to say, let's get this done. >> great people involved. i'm so glad you are involved. if you want to be involved, you can check all of the details are there. chuck collins of the ymca, i'm so glad that you are here. thank you for making the time and i predict suggest. >> let's make sure this conversation continues, not
8:47 am
just seeing the movie but doing the work that movie requires us to do. >> bravo. i agree. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> very timely obviously with martin luther king day on monday. thank you both. back to breaking news affecting all bart riders. all commuters around the bay area, in fact. sal has the latest on the deadly incident in san francisco. sal? >> all right, in case you are just joining us, a b.a.r.t. train has hit and killed a person at powell street. we don't know why the person was on the track. if the person jumped or was pushed but we do know that the b.a.r.t. station at pout street is closed. they are waiting for the meablths to arrive. some trains are moving through in the millbrae direction going from san francisco to millbrae but trains leaving balboa park and heading out to the east bay are not moving through. there's also extra security everywhere. you see a police dog here at the b.a.r.t. station kind of doing a sweep now. i don't know if that's a
8:48 am
formality. but the powell street station is closed. we heard the fire spokesman say it will be a while. they had to separate the train to get that person out. so what you should do is perhaps think about how you are gonna get to work. if you are in the city b.a.r.t. tickets will be honored on muni for tree for the dream being. if you are in the east bay -- let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, i want to show you the traffic is just moderate. you might have to drive in and this is what you are facing. about a 25, 30-minute delay getting into san francisco. also this morning we're looking at 101 in san francisco, it's a little hazy but you see a little bit of slowing here because you can kind of pick through the haze getting into the downtown area. it's 8:49. today's forecast, let's go to steve. >> well, that fog from the valley has continued to work its way east. now it's spilling over the oakland berkeley hills. had a nice tweet from george mccray in el cerrito and said 245 tule is pouring over the -- and said that tule is pouring
8:49 am
over. that east breeze. it look a while. it's there. it started off in the valley, came right around fairfield, highway 4, then benicia, concord and continues to work its way east. it's that kind of pattern where we see it. we hope it breaks down. no sign of that happening. for some it will be cold and foggy. for others, a sunny and warm pattern, especially by the bay and along the coast and in san francisco. oakland airport, 39 degrees. a lot of 30s. more so than we've seen for a while. 40s now or jumping up. gilroy says 30s but they will warm up here pretty fast for some. north wind at fairfield, east wind at napa. northerly wind at concord but that fog coming back in from the tell da is going to take -- dental delta. patchy thick fog. 50s or low 60s if you are the in document -- if you are in the fog. that valley has been thickening up here.
8:50 am
this is a a pattern we normally see. a couple of days it was north bay. today, it's moving back in from the valley. so it will be slow to burn off for some. but otherwise except for clouds increasing on the weekend, it looks like a fog forecast the next couple of days. >> we're ready for it. ten minutes before 9:00. we are following breaking news in san francisco right now emergency crews tell ktvu that a person has been hit and killed by a b.a.r.t. train at at powell powell -- station. this is causing major delays. commuters are quickly backing up. brian flores has more. >> reporter: we've seen the ripple effect at most stations. be aware of that. we're live at the balboa park bart station. some were scheduled to go on earlier in the morning. but they have decided to take muni instead because muni is gonna be honoring those tickets
8:51 am
on the rides so b.a.r.t. parks can go where they need to go. >> want to go to video where we were earlier on the platform. you can see several people on the platform. a lot of them on their cell phones trying to get an update about what to do, trying to get more on the situation as we know again, a person was hit and killed at the powell street b.a.r.t. station. that situation is gonna take a long time before that gets resolve. listen to how some of the passengers -- how this is affecting their day today. >> i know that something happened in powell and there is an accident in the station. >> reporter: how is it affecting your day? >> i'm gonna be late to work. but i'm sending messages to let them know this is happening. >> reporter: and again we're seeing a systemwide delay as we
8:52 am
mentioned. several people waiting to take muni this morning because that's really their only option. we spoke to several people who are late for work. they are trying to contact their places of employment or school because it's causing major system wide delays. but we'll keep ongoing -- keep you updated on the situation throughout the morning as well as on our website. back to you. >> all right. we'll have updates throughout the day. we'll have more of "mornings on 2" right after this. zwus. >>he stay with us. mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do. (sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ok...
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8:55. french president hollande is sending an aircraft carrier to the middle east to bolster the coalition fighting the slaurk state group. the justice ministry in france has ordered a crackdown on hate speech, anti-semitism and glorifying terrorism. meanwhile, a top leader of yemen's al qaeda branch said it was his group that ordered and funded the attack on the charlie hebdo newspaper. he says in a video it was in revenge for the repeated publiccation for cartoons depicting the prophet muhammad. in paris, people lined up to buy the latest issue of charlie hebdo, anticipating high demand, the newspaper printed 3 million copies instead of the usual 60,000. there are reports the 3 million copies sold out before breakfast with those long lines and the magazine is printing 2
8:56 am
million more copies very soon. let's quickly go back to sal one more time. the latest on what's going on with b.a.r.t. >> passengers are stranded because there is a systemwide delay because of a person hit and killed by a person at the powell street station. b.a.r.t. is saying that person may have jumped in front of the train but the important think now is that if you are trying to get to work, please do -- say -- remember, there are major delays. i'm having trouble saying it. major delays. these are pictures at balboa park. there are a lot of people going down to the platform only to find a lot of people waiting there. you might want to think about using a different way to get to work other than b.a.r.t. right now. muni is honoring b.a.r.t. tickets. westbound bay bridge, there is a moderate delay at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's get today's forecast with steve. well, it will be sunny, nice by the coast, warm. the valley fog continues to march from east to west. it's bumped up against the oakland berkeley hills. san pablo bay, it will be cold
8:57 am
there. 60s elsewhere. cloud on the weekend but i doubt any rain. >> okay. >> well, that's our report for this morning. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. >> be sure to watch us at noon for more on the b.a.r.t. situation.
8:58 am
8:59 am
spectacular wipeout but -- >> this is a race there are people. >> and they are about to go down the same dangerous road. >> police saw vicious crime on camera they didn't guess how young thug got what they deserved. a mom says she's try toll show what dancing -- >> while attachment parenting look like. >> the video creating one interesting debate. and a cop want a picture
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